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HMS House PG


HMS House GIRLS PG has single and double bedrooms available.

Terrace Garden

Our beautiful Terrace Garden is a center of attraction and the best place for evening tea.

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HMS House (PG for Girls)

In order to meet the demands of modern women, girls students, and working women in Delhi, HMS House GIRLS PG is a high-end paying guest house. This PG is an excellent option for women because of its affluent location in Delhi. It satisfies the requirements and needs of contemporary women.

Every room in the PG has a refrigerator, air conditioning, filtered water, power backup, Wi-Fi Internet, a geyser, a washing machine, and a CCTV camera. All guests receive sanitary and comforting food from us. Our PG offers plenty of parking space, a terrace, and cozy, roomy accommodations. HMS House GIRLS PG is above other places because of its convenient location and serene, clean atmosphere, among other factors.